The Chase / 2015-16
about 20 fineart prints 58x58 cm (sheet 68x88 cm)/ framed 70x90 cm, ed. 5+2 AP
(more pictures upon request)

In Gehry’s museum construction there are - much the same as in a medieval cathedral - various rooms between outer and inner shell. One could consider them as a kind of subconsciousness of the building.
(Friedrich v. Borries/ in: Museum Unplugged 2015)

Following an invitation of the director of the museum MARTa Herford in spring of 2015 Sarah Straßmann begun to shoot behind the scenes of the museum’s reconstruction. The series was supposed to be part of the 10th anniversary publication of the museum. The images of these 'non-places' try to get a sense of the atmosphere balancing out the variations of light and shade, showing staircases, the attic and basement, unending aisles, doors, elevators, shafts, pipes, walls and chasms. While she was exploring the space she got trapped in the intermediate floor of the largest museum's gallery. “As a child I used to have this dream about getting chased. Most of the time it was an unknown danger hunting me through the house and I knew the title had to be 'The Chase', the artist would state later. The body of work 'The Chase' examines the presentability of absence, invisibility and the subconscious.

Light, shade, reflections, surfaces and materials develope their own independent existence and contribute to a composition pointing beyond the depicted. In addition to personal associations the relation between space and its representation aswell as the meaning of space as places of rememberance are being questioned. (press release exhibition 'About Image and Space', aff Gallery Berlin, 2017)üftungsdeck.jpg

Kunstverein Gütersloh, 2016ßer-balken2_v80.jpgßer-balken2_v79.jpgßer-balken2_v79.jpg