Essen 01

Natur vierter Art / 2006
10 c-prints 35x35 cm/ framed in passepartout 50x50 cm, ed. 3+2 AP

In her series 'Natur vierter Art' (Nature of fourth Kind) with photographs of industrial wastelands, and their slow recapture by the plant world, Sarah Straßmann puts forward the issue of presence. What once took place on this land, how much of the previous history and of the civilization legacies remain in the dark? At what point is cultivated land protected area and how to determine the visibility of this ratio? As in later works Sarah Straßmann explores in this photographic series the line between presence and absence, between visibility and invisibility.
(catalog 'Bankborders', Westwendischer Kunstverein, 2010)ßer-balken2_v16.jpg
Leipzig 01ßer-balken2_v17.jpg
Leipzig 02ßer-balken2_v18.jpg
Bochum 01ßer-balken2_v19.jpg
Bochum 02ßer-balken2_v25.jpg
Berlin Schöneberg 02ßer-balken2_v21.jpg
Essen 02ßer-balken2_v22.jpg
Bochum 03ßer-balken2_v23.jpg
Berlin Friedrichshainßer-balken2_v24.jpg
Berlin Schönebergßer-balken2_v20.jpg
aff Galerie Berlin, 2017ßer-balken2_v89.jpg