T h e . K i n g d o m . 2 0 1 9 . (in progress)
5 photo objects, Fine Art Prints + prints on Satin folded, about 30 x 30 x 35 cm

The photographic objects of the work "The Kingdom" are based on mobile phone shots taken during an artist residency at the Perrhe archaeological site in south-eastern Turkey. In the ancient kingdom of Commagene, a mountain range runs through the landscape, into which the ruler Antiochos had built extensive architectural complexes 200 years before Christ. Stairs, columns, rooms were wrested from the rocks.

The mobile phone's panorama function captures these shapes and structures. Finally, a new space is constructed by folding the motifs printed on paper and fabric, which in turn wrests extended dimensions from the photograph. The work questions our perception of order and space, but also tries to reformulate it.
(Interview with Nadine Ethner, in: "Visual Thoughts Photography", online photo magazine, 2021)