N a t u r a l . G r a y . 8 0 % . 2 0 2 2 .
24 Fine Art Prints, 21 x 21 cm, framed 21 x 21 cm, ed. 3 + 2 AP

The work consists of 24 individual color fields measuring 21 x 21 cm and is presented framed as a tableau. A gray colored square was processed with several different Instagram filters. 23 color filters are available in the app. With the help of these filters the gray area was processed 23 times. The result shows 23 colored squares in pastel tones, as well as a gray original.

The title "Natural Gray 80%" refers to the starting point of the experiment, which was a medium gray generated via Photoshop and drawn lighter 80% .

The work alludes to our perception, to our relationship between real and virtual space, and marks a borderline area that is often determined by algorithms today.