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Shifting / since 2015 (in progress)
till now about 30 Fineart-Prints on Museo Silver Rag 85x85 cm (sheet 90x90 cm)/ framed in variable dimensions, ed. 5+2 AP (more pictures upon request)

The work „Shifting“ is a multiannual project, funded by the „LWL - Landschaftsverband Westfalen Lippe“ and realised in cooperation with the „Freilichtmuseum Detmold“ since 2015. The open-air museum in Detmold is one of Europe’s major institutions of its kind. The body of work actually consists of about 30 photographs, in 2017 there will be added round about 15 motives again. Furthermore an additional book project is planned for 2018/19.

The most interesting fact of the buildings at the open-air museum in Detmold is, that original historical buildings were deconstructed from a further place and rebuilt in Detmold. The furnishings, consequently the museum representation, consists out of original historical objects, but these haven’t been in the rooms before, though they come from the museum’s collection instead. The visitors themselves almost have the experience as if one could live in the rooms directly. Furthermore many of the buildings aren’t open to the public. Effectively the museum houses completely staged realities, existing like a parallel universe, that will be seen, entered or recognized only seldom if ever.

The term „Shifting“, is translated as „translocation“ („Translozierung“ in German), if you search in the terminology of the built heritage conservation discurs. The project investigates this process of „shifting“ in a diverse manner. In the photographs an overlay of space, time, history, reality, staging and new actuality is happening.ßer-balken2_v82.jpg (Haus Uhlmann Raum grau).jpgßer-balken2_v81.jpg (Haus Uhlmann Treppenhaus).jpgßer-balken2_v85.jpg (Pastorat Dach gelb).jpgßer-balken2_v89.jpg 05_10.jpgßer-balken2_v93.jpg (Pastorat Fenster).jpgßer-balken2_v90.jpg 02_04.jpgßer-balken2_v92.jpg (Haus Uhlmann).jpgßer-balken2_v86.jpg (Pastorat Dachbalken).jpgßer-balken2_v88.jpg (Pastorat Liege).jpgßer-balken2_v91.jpg 07_03.jpgßer-balken2_v97.jpg 02_10.jpgßer-balken2_v96.jpg (Haus Schwenger Glas).jpgßer-balken2_v83.jpg uhlmann_erste etage 2.jpgßer-balken2_v84.jpg (Pastorat Kellerbalken).jpgßer-balken2_v87.jpg