Old Town of Osnabrück, 2011 (permanent installation)

kurzdavordanach / 2011

body of work with about 15 motives (more pictures upon request)
- Permanent outdoor installation:
8 Polaroids as digital-Prints on foil and plexiglass 35x41 cm, ed. 1+2 AP
- small edition of the outdoor installation + two additional motives:
10 Polaroids as Lambda-Prints on alu-dibond 9x10,7 cm, ed. 1+2 AP
- small special edition "Night":
5 Polaroids as Lambda-Prints on alu-dibond, 9x10,7 cm, ed. 4+2 APßer-balken2_v98.jpgßer-balken2_v60.jpgßer-balken2_v59.jpgßer-balken2_v61.jpg
special edition "Night"ßer-balken2_v99.jpg
special edition "Night"ßer-balken2_v65.jpg
Old Town of Osnabrück, 2011 (permanent installation)ßer-balken2_v62.jpgßer-balken2_v63.jpgßer-balken2_v58.jpgßer-balken2_v64.jpg