Große Gildewart Osnabrück, 2011 (permanent installation)

kurzdavordanach / 2011
about 15 motives, permanent outdoor installation: 8 Polaroids as digital-prints on foil and plexiglass 35x41 cm + small edition: 15 Polaroids as lambda-prints on alu-dibond 10,6x8,8 cm, ed. 1+2 AP (more pictures upon request)

The project 'kurzdavordanach' (shortlybeforeafter) was supported by the Quartiersinitiative Niedersachsen and realized in cooperation with the Marketing & Tourismus GmbH Osnabrück in 2011. In the course of the desire to upgrade the so-called Hegertor quarter in the old town of Osnabrück, a permanent installation (Kunst am Bau) of 8 photo panels was made in the form of an art trail.

In addition to locally well-known scenes such as the Heger-Tor and the Marien church, there are also less prominent, yet ubiquitous details such as street lamps and the typical leafy tops of the trees on Heger Strasse and the Bocksmauer under the motives. Likewise, a few possibly unloved corners are part of it, like torn-off billboards and locked window fronts.

The work 'kurzdavordanach' shows things from a new unusual perspective and also encourages the viewer to question and redefine his own point of view. In a playful image arrangement other dimensions and associations open up to the everyday. In addition to the outdoor installation a small edition of 15 motives was realized in cooperation with the Gallery écart Osnabrück in 2012.

- Große Gildewart 23 (1 motive)
- Große Gildewart - Bierstraße (6 motives)
- Marienstraße 2 (1 motive)ßer-balken2_v98.jpg
Marienstraße Osnabrück, 2011 (permanent installation)ßer-balken2_v64.jpgßer-balken2_v99.jpgßer-balken2_v65.jpgßer-balken2_v60.jpg
special edition "Night"ßer-balken2_v59.jpg
special edition "Night"ßer-balken2_v61.jpg
Große Gildewart - Bierstraße Osnabrück, 2011 (permanent installation)ßer-balken2_v62.jpg