Gelsenkirchen / window with butterfly

Lexicon of Housing / 2016-18
about 80 fineart prints 30x30 cm (sheet 50x50 cm)/ framed with passepartout 50x50 cm, ed. 5+2 AP (more pictures upon request)

The work 'Lexicon of Housing' is a multiannual project, supported by the Emschergenossenschaft and realized in cooperation with the Ruhrmuseum Essen between 2016-2018. Due to the structural change in the Ruhr area, the so-called ecological reconstruction of the Emscher system takes place since 1992, including a renaturation of the 80 km long Emscher. The conversion should be completed in 2021 and among other things improve the quality of life of the regional population.

The 'Lexicon' brings together around 80 photographs from 14 different locations along the course of the Emscher river from Holzwickede to Dinslaken. It's more or less a view behind the scenes of residential buildings and their neighborhoods. The aim was to develop a photographic dictionary of living conditions in a mixed population selection between 2016-18. The only commonality of all selected photo locations was the proximity to the Emscher (2 km north and south).

An additional book project is planned for the near future.ßer-balken2_v87.jpg (Hofeingang)_2017web.jpg
Dinslaken / fence and nesting boxßer-balken2_v86.jpg 03_strassmann.jpg
Alten-Essen Nord / corridorßer-balken2_v94.jpg
Essen-Dellwig / still life with cookiesßer-balken2_v84.jpg (Corridor)_2017web.jpg
Oberhausen / mirrorßer-balken2_v95.jpg (Garage)_2017web.jpg
Dinslaken / garage, slate & glassßer-balken2_v88.jpg